Money is a means, not a goal.

When somebody calls Rafał Sonik a businessman, his colleagues immediately notice an elusive grimace running through his face. For a person from Krakow, a businessman is someone who perceives earnings as a goal. Sonik undoubtedly prefers to be called an entrepreneur, as this term is related to the act of creating.

Rafał Sonik has established a team of reliable and proven specialists. He’s proud of the fact that almost all his employees have vast experience. In almost all his professional undertakings, Rafał Sonik emphasises that money is just a means to achieve your goals, which in his case include caring about others, following your passions and representing Poland on the international stage. For many years he has been investing his capital in activities pursued by the Siemacha Association [Stowarzyszenie Siemacha] engaged in work with children and youth. He supports and activates the senior community integrated around the holy mountain of Polish skiers, Kasprowy Wierch, and protects the environment by managing the Clean Poland Association [Czysta Polska].

Creation is the essence of my professional life.

Although in Poland he is known as the first Pole who won the Dakar Rally, Sonik considers himself more of an entrepreneur than a sportsman. As he has repeatedly pointed out, he is lucky, because many years of work are allowing him to devote his time to passions. But even when he’s competing on the other end of the world, he always keeps his finger on the pulse when it comes to projects implemented by his companies. His flagship company, Gemini Holdings, has constructed more than 120 buildings throughout Poland. The most prestigious investments include Gemini Park shopping centres in Tarnów and Bielsko-Biała. At the beginning of 2015, the construction of a new Gemini Park in Tychy will commence.

Friendship is the context of life, it’s being ready to be there for somebody when they need you.

Rafał Sonik often compares his life to the life of a sailor who calls at his home port to set off again soon. For most of the year, it is little short of miraculous to find him in Krakow, as he is pursuing new challenges, professional undertakings, participating in training sessions and rallies all over the world. However, there is always some time for his friends and family in his busy and well-organised calendar. One of their meeting points is the Tatra Mountains, but you can also find him in Sardinia where motorcycle escapades are organised. Human relations are the foundation of his existence and the only element of his personal universe which can distract him from work.