Dakar 2009

Rafał Sonik on a podium!
For the first time in the Dakar’s thirty-year history, a Pole stood on the podium of this prestigious rally. In the ATV Polska colours, Rafał Sonik finished third in the quads category.

This historic win by a Pole in the Dakar Rally is also special for the fact that it was Rafał’s first start in the event.

My only assumption was to ride so as to reach the finish line. The result is what it is. I am immensely happy and, from this place, I would like to thank the crew and all friends whose valuable advice contributed to my success,

– says Rafał Sonik.

Fourteen completed laps and about nine thousand kilometers later, it became clear that the legend of a murderous competition in the desert had not vanished. The Atacama turned out to be an exceptionally unfriendly and difficult opponent. Only half of the five hundred teams which started in Buenos Aires finished the rally.