Gemini Park Tychy

Gemini Park Tychy is the most recent project of the Kraków-based Gemini Holding developer, who noticed the changes in the sales model while following global trends. The Gemini Park Tychy Shopping Centre will be one of the first facilities in Poland designed with the omnichannel technology in mind.

As Gemini Holding understands the needs of both customers and tenants, the company tries to meet their expectations. While working with the architects and a design studio, the company decides where the omnichannel sales should be implemented. Gemini Park Tychy, with its 36 thousand square metres, will be the venue of approx. 130 stores, the ranks of which will include both well-known brands and local entrepreneurs.

The facility, located 3.5km from the centre of Tychy, with its interesting entertainment offer and a service and catering section, will favour family shopping. The opening is planned for Q3 2017.