Czysta Polska [Clean Poland]

The Tatra Mountains are particularly familiar to me. I have been attached to the Kasprowy mountain since my childhood. My great fondness for this mountain and the people associated with it has lasted to this day. I have a deep feeling that enjoying this gift of nature requires us to leave it as intact as possible. Therefore, the idea of “Clean Tatra Mountains” is so dear to me.

Clean Tatra Mountains is the largest operation of cleaning the Tatra Mountains, in which people from across Poland are engaged. A thousand volunteers collect garbage from the Tatra trails. The range of operation covers the Polish Tatra Mountains, that is:

  • all mountain tops open to tourists,
  • the Tatra valleys,
  • designated areas outside the marked trails,
  • Tatra caves attended by cavers and speleologists united within clubs and organizations included in the operation.

The organizers’ objective is to awake the ecological awareness of the Polish people. The massive educational campaign on the Tatra Mountains and everything associated with these mountains is also extremely important. The big cleanup is planned before the culmination of the tourist season.

The owner of Gemini Holdings and Gemini Park, not only has Rafał Sonik been the sponsor of the operation from the very beginning, he has also been personally involved in the action. In 2012, he went out on the trail and collected garbage along with over 850 volunteers. They collected 1.5 tons of trash – mostly empty bottles, cans, plastic bottles and cigarette butts – all along the 250 km of trails. The recognisability of his person as a famous sportsman serves well the campaign’s media popularity.

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