FIA Golden Rules

FIA Golden Rules is a basic set of necessary behaviours of each and every participant of the traffic. In Poland, the list of ten rules was extended to include two more, which was appreciated by the initiators of the global campaign. These rules are: ‘Marked parking spaces are there for a reason – don’t park on them’ and ‘Pedestrians always come first’.

In 2014, Beata Bublewicz, MP, Head of the Parliamentary Working Group for Road Traffic Safety, on behalf of the Marian Bublewicz Foundation and in cooperation with the Polish Automobile Association, decided to boost the campaign in Poland. To achieve the desired effect, the best Polish racing drivers were involved to promote the Golden Rules. In this way we prepared a unique photo shoot, during which each and every participant wore their ‘racing gear’, accompanied by the rule. Rafał Sonik couldn’t become a ‘face’ of a different rule than ‘Always wear a helmet when you’re on two wheels’.

‘I always showed two helmets to my fans or to journalists, on different occasions. There is only one and the most important difference between them – life. My life. In 2013, during the World Cup in Brasil, I was driving on a dusty road behind another racer and I fell into a hole at approx. 108 km/hour and I hit the surface with my head. If the helmet had been of poor quality of had I not worn one, I wouldn’t be here today’, says Rafał Sonik.

Three-times winner of the FIM World Cup, he has been training young people for years, taking children of different ages for quad trainings. During his classes he combines the useful with the pleasant and tries to shape proper habits in his pupils. ‘I would like each child not only to know, but to have a habit to put on not only the helmet, but all available protective gear,’ he emphasized during his speech.


FIA Golden Rules – I want to be safe:

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, always wear your seat belt.

Krzysztof Skorupski

Highway code rules are designed to protect us: let’s respect them.

Michał Kościuszko

For your safety and that of others, always observe the speed limit.

Jan Chmielewski

Check the wear and the pressure of your tyres regularly, not forgetting the spare.

Szymon Kornicki

When under the effect of alcohol or drugs, don’t take the wheel.

Krzysztof Hołowczyc

When you take the wheel, put your children in car seats.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz

Don’t use your mobile phone when driving.

Tomasz Kuchar

If you feel sleepy or tired, pull over for a rest.

Małgorzata Rdest

Always wear a helmet when you’re on two wheels.

Rafał Sonik

On the road, be courteous and considerate to others.

Wojciech Chuchała

Marked parking spaces are there for a reason – don’t park on them.

Bartosz Ostałowski

Pedestrians always come first.

Beata Bublewicz and Andrzej Witkowski