SIEMACHA is a non-governmental Krakow-based organization that has been helping children and young people throughout the country since 1993. The mission of the association may be expressed by the sentence: You are worth as much as you give to others. All activities may be reduced to a common denominator – search and creation of a wider social space and better understanding of the common interest. It creates open-minded, prosperous, and constantly learning communities, for which free choice, honest dialogue and respect for the rules are the basic principles. It runs twenty-four special centers for the social assistance system used by 2,000 children a day.
A member of the Association, Rafał Sonik has actively supported achieving the goals and objectives of the organization for nearly twenty years.

Everyone wants to achieve success in life. Everyone dreams and hopes his dreams, which are sometimes deeply hidden, to come true. I believe that the fate granted me a privilege. Not only was I allowed to pursue my professional and sport passions, but also I was given a chance to participate in a project which helps young people and aims at searching out talents, provides opportunities and power to pursue aspirations. It’s the best thing I could have ever dreamed of in life.

Shopping malls are the modern urban centers where young people spend more and more time unproductively. SIEMACHA has launched an innovative program on a European scale which covers the shopping malls. It is transposing the concept of creating the social, creative and constructive space exactly to these places. Keeping this in mind, the Cracovian entrepreneur joined the project and became an investor in the Com-Com Zone Development Centre at the Galeria Gemini Park in Tarnów. Founded in 2010, the Social Development Youth Centre is located in a three-storey building with floor space of 2000 m2. It comprises education rooms (music, language, dance, art) as well as psychological counseling rooms and a fitness centre. Rafał Sonik’s company – Gemini Holding – won the prestigious Special Shopping Center Award 2011 for actions conducted in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility within the 2011 Shopping Center Forum Awards competition.

Another centre will be built in the near future at Gemini Park in Bielsko-Biała and in a projected mall in Tychy.

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