(Polski) Rajd Brazylii: stempel przybity, Rafał Sonik zdobył Puchar Świata

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(Polski) Rajd Brazylii: Sonik pokonał problemy i wygrał etap

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The Rally dos Sertões: A decisive hand in the marathon stage

The fifth day of the Rally dos Sertões was a marathon stage. After covering 335 km of a special, none of the competitors could receive assistance from their mechanics. Therefore, it was one’s cool head and good tactics that was the most important before much shorter Friday’s special. Among quads at the finish line, the fastest was Robert Nahas followed by Rafał Sonik. With the result of 5:09:00, the Pole advanced to second position in the overall classification. Czytaj więcej »

The Rally dos Sertões: The longest stage with a cow in the foreground

Rafał Sonik always points out that he feels best on long stretches of specials. On day four of the Rally dos Sertões, the competitors had to cover 585 km, including 364 km of special test courses. This sufficed for the leader of the World Cup to leave his rivals behind and, despite a close encounter with a Brazilian cow, regain the lead for a moment. And a moment it was as the umpires imposed on him a time penalty which pushed him down to third place. Czytaj więcej »

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